We Are Eco Homes

The Future of Housing is NOW

Our goal is to bring the value of home ownership back to America one family at a time! We believe that offering high quality factory built manufactured homes at affordable prices is the best way to serve our community and our environment. At Eco Homes, your new dream home is within reach.

Factory Built Homes are The Future of Housing

Nothing makes the appeal of buying a new manufactured home more appetizing than the quality and affordability of the homes themselves. With our homes built under the roof of a factory, they are protected from delays unfavorable weather may cause. Also, with the factory built home process, our builders know exactly how much materials your home needs, meaning you save money by not purchasing unnecessary waste.

Our Team

At Eco Homes we believe that our team should be knowledgeable in the field they specialize in. We have educated construction workers and design specialists who assist in the home-building process from floor plan determination to final inspection. All to ensure you get a home tailored to your needs and meets all safety regulations.

Environmentally Friendly Construction

Manufactured and prefabricated housing is designed to be the greener housing option. With strict regulation, homes are engineered with energy conservation, sound structural design, and minimal long-term maintenance. In addition, factory-built housing means there is less waste in the building process because home builders know exactly how much material is needed.

Unbeatable Prices

Our team are experts at the manufactured home building process. With such a fine-tuned factory environment, we are able to keep our prices at an affordable rate. This happens by minimizing costs for materials, avoiding stretched-out building times, and limiting the need for hiring third-party contractors. Lower expenses means more money in your pocket.

Where We Work


  • Chenango County
  • Gloucester County
  • Essex County
  • Atlantic County
  • Middlesex County
  • Cape May County
  • Camden County
  • And More!


  • Middletown
  • Woodbury
  • Montgomery
  • Wappingers Falls
  • Newark
  • Jersey City
  • Trenton
  • Atlantic City
  • Princeton
  • And Many More!